The labour reform, cuts in public and social spending, use of public money to rescue banks, large-scale evictions, and the priority given to reducing public deficit over citizens’ rights are intolerable impositions by 1% of society on the other 99%.

We want a future for the 99% and this means guaranteeing our existence, whatever the interests of the 1% and the institutions that defend them. Let us all work together for a European Constituent Process in order to claim our rights and create genuinely democratic institutions that will safeguard the common interest.

On 29 March we’re going on strike. The strike of the 99%. We are not only striking against the labour reform but against a programme that seeks to destroy our rights and eliminate any possibility of a democratic society that might manage the economy well and guarantee the conditions of a dignified life for everyone.

With the aim of achieving a guaranteed right of existence for the 99% we demand:

1.- Revocation of the Labour Reform.
2.- Mortgage debt forgiveness. Creation of a social housing stock.
3. Unconditional Universal Basic Income for all citizens and accredited residents.
4. No more cuts in public spending and no privatisation of public services. Good quality public health and education.
5.- Not a single euro more spent on rescuing banks. We refuse to pay the illegitimate debt incurred by those who caused the crisis. Public monitoring of rescued banks.
6.- Fiscal reform that enables a just distribution of the wealth we all produce.

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